We do photo and video advertising for business.

Clique! is an international production that focuses on taking authentic photographs for advertising. Our shots stand out from the prevalent visual background as they look genuine. So they are clicked on!

Work Process

Our team implements the full-service principle:



scene selection

model casting

technical support

postproduction of any complexity

We have our own staff, which covers all the needs in the production of visual content

Brands That Trust Us

Our Team

Konstantin Rassokhin,


Team of professionals

We create authentic images that help brands speak the same language with their audiences and enhance their advertising messages. We know exactly how to encourage your audience to make a click.

Maria Zanko,

Chief Stylist

Tatiana Yurochkina,

Retouch Artist

Anastasia Podskalnyuk,


Andrew Lishakov,

Art Director

Anastasia Vlasova,


Angelina Kasatkina,


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