Andrew Lishakov, Art Director

Commercial photographer who has been in business for 8 years.  


I’ve been keen on photography since my childhood. My first photo laboratory was a tiny bathroom in my parents’ house where my mom and I used to process films.


The perfect mastery for a photographer is to keep the spontaneity of a child who is curiously looking at the world through the camera lens. Curiosity lets the photographer tell true stories that inspire millions of people to break stereotypes, to widen the limits of capabilities, and to seek their life mission.


Together with Clique! team, we create authentic images that let brands speak the same language as their target audiences and emphasize commercial messages.

We know for sure how to encourage your audience to click.  

Photographer_Рассохин Константин.jpg
Konstantin Rassokhin, Photographer
Manager_ Подскальнюк Анастасия.jpg
Anastasia Podskalnyuk, Manager
Anastasia Vlasova, Producer

I’ve been in advertising for over 9 years. I started as a PR manager at a large plant, and then completely devoted myself to advertising – I used to be an account manager at an advertising agency. But I’ve found out that my vocation is photo production.


I’m a hyper-responsible person. And I can get on well with all the members of a shooting process: photographers, stylists, models, location owners and clients.   

Tatiana Yurochkina, Retouch Artist

I worked in New-York for a long time. I was in postproduction for MTV,

GOT MILK? studio, created the famous last cover of the popular wrestling magazine WWE, NIKE and AVON catalogs, contributed into creating covers for various series and Broadway posters, musicians like DEAD MOUSE, who are photographed by Scott Schafer.


I’m fascinated with photo processing because graphics editor allows me to create pictures that reflect a flawless, wonderful, and magnificent world. Everybody knows that visualization lets any idea come true :)  

Maria Zanko, Chief Stylist
Stylist_Ангелина Касаткина.jpg
Angelina Kasatkina, Stylist

I convey emotions, epoch, and atmosphere with the help of accessories and outfits.

Being a fashion and style specialist, I am excellent at organizing the color palette of a shot.